4 Guides In Understanding The Reactions of Your Dogs


Most people say that they love dogs more than anything, but we all know that they can’t talk. Sometimes, it is hard to know what they want, what they need or if something is wrong with them. Dogs speak through their actions. Let’s check out the dogs’ reactions and what it means. It is the best way to understand what our best friends want to say.

  1. Dog Stretching


If your dog stretches after you wake up or once you are home, they are trying to tell you something. The dogs are telling you that they are glad that you are back. It is their way of informing you that they are happy to see you again.

  1. Dog ears are backward and flat on their head


It just means that they are shy. It’s not only humans who experience the feeling of being shy or nervous at times. Dogs feel that way too. So if ever you see your dog shrinking on the ground while their ears flat and backward, give them some attention to make them feel comfortable.

  1. Yawning and lips blinking


A dog also feels stressed and uncomfortable at times. If you see your canine buddies yawning and licking their lips, it means they are trying to send you a signal that they are not feeling comfortable possibly with the people around or the environment that they are in. Take advantage of the signals to help them out.

  1. Dog bows down


It is the most familiar gesture from a dog that you can see. If your dog bows down looking at you, take some time off with what you are doing because your dog wants to spend some time with you and play. You can see dogs bowing their heads not just to you but with other canines as well. Don’t be terrified. Your dog is not trying to pick a fight. It is just trying to play with the other dogs.

It is important that you always take the time to understand the behavior of your dog. It is your duty because we all know that dogs can’t tell you what they feel through words.

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