The 3 Dog Movies That Will Make You Shed a Tear


Whether we are young or old, there will always be a soft spot in our heart for our canine friends. Watching movies is a good thing to do with our best dog buddies but admit it or not, dog movies can always touch our heart. It can somehow make us cry and be a tearjerker. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We have a strong relationship with our dogs and seeing canines in movies can make us emotional somehow. Check out the movies whereas the dogs will make you cry.

  1. Hachiko

Hachiko is probably the most watched dog movie of all time. Through the film, you can see the kind of dedication the dog can give to his master. Despite death, Hachiko never loses hope that one day he will be back to see him again. It is a heart-breaking movie, but it will inspire you and open up your eyes on how lucky you are for having canine friends who care for you.

  1. Marley & Me

You can see the real life struggles of getting a dog, but the movie will also let you know how rewarding it is to have a canine companion. It is a great movie that emphasizes the kind of commitment a dog can give to its guardian. Up until the day that he has his family, even though there are times that Marley has been forgotten, the movie is an evident statement for us to see the kind of loyalty a dog can give us and how it will protect the people we love. During its last moments up until Marley died, it will shatter your heart into pieces.

  1. I am Legend

It is a movie where as the dog did not participate for the whole duration of the film but Samantha still managed to make millions of people cry. The film portrays the kind of dedication a dog has for its owner. Without second thoughts and hesitation, Sam willingly sacrificed her life. Hearts were broken when Sam’s guardian was forced to take her life.

It’s the top three dog movies that will surely put you in tears no matter how many times you have seen the movies.

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  1. Kevin L. Deane


    Marley and Me is a kind of movie that emphasizes the kind of commitment a dog can give to its guardian.

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