Tips for going to a Dog Park

Are you planning to go at the park this weekend with your dog? here are some helpful dog park tips that serves as your guide.

  1. Choose the right dog park
    • we need to choose a park that is large for our dog to exercise and if they want more space to run, but the park also needs a gate so that they will not run off at the park.
  2. Follow the park rules
    • Follow the rules to ensure the safety of your dogs and have a good time at the park.
  3.  Choose the best time to visit
    • choose a time were the park is less crowded and where a time that makes your dog more comfortable.
  4. Decides if you will bring toys or not
    • Leave your costly toys at home so that you will not worry guarding it, and also expect that if you play toys with your dog, other dogs joins you.
  5. Poop Duty
    • Don’t forget to be responsible of your dogs poop, and it is better to bring extra poop bag to make it easier for you.

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