Ways to Engage Your Dogs Indoor?

Whether rain or shine, dogs need an exercise just like human. These are some of ideas that will help you, even you’re only at home:

Dispensing Food Toys – These are individual boredom busters. Comes from variety of treats and taste which are perfect for your dog. In a past few years, there are lot of food dispensing toy in the market that you can choose from.

Tug and Fetch – These dog game does not require a bigger space. Your hallway can do for fetch games, and tug game can be played basically anywhere.

Have a Dog Play Date – You can schedule a play date to other dogs, especially if the other dog is your dog friend or favorite playmate.

Socialization Outing – If you have not enough time to play with your dog, you can visit a vet office, to let your dog socialize with other dog while you’re out.

Hide and Seek – A great exercise for your dog’s mind and body. Especially your dog recall skills.

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